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The rational design of ergonomic cushions heightens the exciting feeling of well-being.
When comfort expresses itself in an exclusive form, the result is a high class dynamic system.
Pusiano was created for those who love soft, ample sofas, with a fluid, sculptural quality which makes them even more generous and comfortable.


A spacious sectional creates a big curve in the middle of the room.
Try how comfortable it is.
Silhouette has a young design and offers a high versatility as it is composed by single elements.
You can assemble it as you like; it is comfortable like a big hug.


From sofa to chaise-longue with a simple touch.
Softy a sofa which becomes a chaise-longue; you can extend the seat to obtain the maximum comfort. Just touch the remote control to move also the backs and the arms.


Solange, a project which combines sofistication and accuracy.
The side curved structure gives a new design to this model both in the fix and modular configuration.
The metal curved feet (steel finish), have been studied to give lightness to the product.



Corrado Dotti signs the Deluxe collection giving the touch of memory in the Chateau d’Ax home project.


A model with high feet with the possibility of a relax system in several elements.

Rialto has independent motors for the relax system: for example you can also move the headrests only.
This is a simple detail which increases your relax!
An innovative system allows the opening of the electrical mechanism for headrest and legrest through a bluetooth wireless connection with
your smart device (smart-phone, tablet, ….). You can adjust the relax functions and set your favorite seating position with a simple touch of the display of your smart-phone or tablet by downloading the Chateau d’Ax app (available both through Apple and Android stores)


Solid structure and a high level of comfort. Segrino becomes even more comfortablethanks to the electric relax system.

All Chateau d’Ax products are built to last. They are characterized by high standards of quality
which are fruit of the great craftsmanship used in every stage of production. This allows the company to respond to the demand, which is more targeted and selective every day, offering a product, with technical and formal characteristics, that also meets the most demanding requests, distinguishing itself by its excellent quality in an already crowded panorama of upholstered furniture.