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A slim silhouette with a strong impact. These words can describe Edo in a topical script. Modern but adaptable to every lifestyle.
Suitable for contemporary homes that want to become basic, suitable for basic homes that want to have a neo avant garde atmosphere.
An idea, a pure form, developed by a rational project, so rational to look familiar.
Edo available in leather and fabric.


Unique pieces you can combine in countless ways.


Where ideas are born.
The right proportion between elements and the “perception of space” are sources of inspiration for
Chateau d’Ax that processes all personal works of designers playing on emotion, finding ispiration
from the worlds lost and found in the same fantasies. Everything comes from pen and paper.
“A sketch is the starting point of ideas” says Ennio Arosio who has been following
Chateau d’Ax projects for over 20 years. A starting idea, a project that evolves to reach
concrete outcome. Step-by-step, each member involved in the
development and production of Chateau d’Ax sofas, can express specific skills and know-how.
Design and craftsmanship are combined together in the same process and follow techniques
refined over the time and different from standard chains of production.
These are the values Chateau d’Ax still believes in.

Lady T

A small but big dream. A dream of human values and commitment, humility and dedication but also small ambitions of a Company that has kept throughout these years its own value, reserving and protecting a genuine form of craftsmanship. All Chateau d’Ax sofas have something special: natural leather covers, extremely soft, and at the same time very practical, both for their care and for their duration. A leather sofa meets the pleasure of the whole family. Chateau d’Ax uses only leathers that have been treated to be durable and easy to clean, without affecting the natural characteristics of the material. Tested and certified, Chateau d’Ax leathers are treated with a natural tanning in full compliance with environmental standards. Choosing a Chateau d’Ax leather sofa also means making an investment that will last several years.
A soft embrace, with reassuring and familiar shapes. My sofa is Lady T a mix of shapes, materials and colours that does not stop at a single sofa but extends to an entire coordinated line of furniture, home furnishings such as chairs, lamps and tables all made in Italy.



Full forms, generous and welcoming dimensions for a sofa with infinite freedom of composition.

A set of compositional elements for the Piombino sofa, even more comfortable thanks to ergonomic
padding that gives an informal and flirty appearance, without renouncing any of its design elements.
The open end element was designed for a relaxed style and for socializing.

Piombino can be equipped with relax seats…. and let’s not forget that the headrest position can be adjusted to the preferences of each user, even for the angle-element which turns into a chaise longue.