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Composizione N1

Eternal style. True beauty never falls out of fashion. The Morfeo bed with its padded headboard combined with the Flexo bedroom storage units imbue this relaxing space with soft lines and the warmth of wood.

Composizione N10

UContemporary nature.
Modern architecture featuring walls with a textured look and huge full-length windows that face the garden. The Tempo storage units in natural shades of Caramel knotted oak located on both sides of the comfortable, inviting Formentera bed make the space even more cosy and intimate.

Composizione N11

Complete versatility. Blog with its padded headboard panels is a complete system
that can be arranged in numerous ways to meet every aesthetic and practical need. Even the Groove storage units are the height of versatility. They can be placed on the floor or attached to
the headboard to create the desired composition.

Composizione N12

Then and now. Precious memories, inspirations from nature or the past and timeless sensations meet today’s thrilling design and technological innovations. The Blog bed is a space for living with a LED lighting system that creates an evocative atmosphere.

Composizione N2

Endless possibilities. The headboard can take on different
looks. The padded panels and bedroom storage and open units can be arranged in various ways.

Composizione N3

Expertly matched. Carefully selected shades and materials are characteristics of an aesthetically pleasing environment. The Morfeo bed’s elegant design complement the clean lines of the Fila bedroom suite and the Soft wardrobe with its hinged doors fitted with horizontal, recessed handles.

Composizione N4

Exquisite details. The Tratto storage units, with 45° joints between the front and side panels, feature
distinctive groove grips, which can be customized with lacquers in a variety of colours or wood to create an array of graphic looks.

Composizione N5

Glamorous. The Tamigi bed with its large, padded headboard is surrounded by Club stackable storage units and the Crystal wardrobe with polished glass doors. A seductive, exciting bedroom awaits.

Composizione N6

Personal space.
The upholstered Atlantic bed with soft yet clean lines is flanked by Club stackable
storage units that allow you to create different combinations.

Composizione N7

The Origami wardrobe’s large sliding doors include a lacquered panel and a band in Dark mirror which creates evocative reflections.

Composizione N8

Living with beauty. Chic and comfortable, the Malta upholstered bed combines with the Globe small tables in coordinated matte lacquer shades as well as with the Charme storage units in precious heat-treated oak.

Composizione N9

Past and present. Covered in a stylish unbleached cotton, the Panarea upholstered bed is flanked by the Pass storage units, their sleek lines permitting a wide range of possible compositions. The L-shaped writing desk has a thick, 60mm top.