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Composizione A01

Mirror effect. In this composition, the Origami sliding door wardrobe comes with doors in two finishes laid out vertically. Matte Canapa and Dark mirror reflect, creating an attractive, evocative environment.

Composizione A03

Rhythmic composition. Soft’s single door handles create a horizontal pattern which delightfully interrupts the wardrobe’s clean aesthetics, completely in a matte Magnolia finish.

Composizione A04

Extraordinary detail. The door handle on the Soft wardrobe is made when the door panel is being meticulously crafted. Two options are available with different aesthetic results: a pair of doors with a single handle on the right or with a handle on the right and left. Only available in a hinged door model.

Composizione A05

Sliding style. In the sliding-door version of the Crystal wardrobe, the doors move smoothly and silently over each other and dazzle with their classy gloss finish. In this case, the handle is a full-height metal profile that plays a key role in visually defining the entire wardrobe.

Composizione A06

Textured warmth. Middle’s sliding doors steal the show with the indisputable warmth of wood in its various shades or matte lacquer finish. Dramatically juxtapose the wood with elegant coloured lacquers, both in gloss and matte. Horizontal bands run across the panels, encouraging experimentation with various combinations.

Composizione A07

Contrast, tone-on-tone. Middle’s sliding doors can be manufactured in gloss and matt versions of the same shade in order to create a balanced yet differentiated effect.

Composizione A13

Organizing space.The Joker wardrobe’s hinged doors have a full-height flush handle, which can be made in a variety of finishes, including those that match or contrast with the doors. Available with hinged or sliding doors.

Composizione A14

Functional beauty. Even a wardrobe serving a specific niche function can have a significant aesthetic value.

Composizione A14

Looking up. The Origami wardrobe alternates different sizes and finishes in a vertical series, measured by the full-height profile. The composition is built with panels which can be
dismantled for easy transport. The doors are available in sliding or coplanar versions.

Composizione A16

Absolute simplicity. The Siro wardrobe’s hallmark is its basic, clean lines with sliding doors that glide silently on top of each other. The overall linear look is highlighted by the simple horizontal handle with a tone-on-tone finish.

Composizione A17

Truly classy. The Class doors are built with a horizontal band that includes vertical, recessed handles. This creates a stylish geometric pattern that can be further played with using contrasting or tone-on-tone colours. The coplanar doors add a luxurious touch.

Composizione A17

Updated classic. The classic plain door, whether hinged or sliding, can be customized with Assisa or Crystal handles that use the profile as a comfortable grip. Three models are available in varying heights.

Composizione N1

Eternal style. True beauty never falls out of fashion. The Morfeo bed with its padded headboard combined with the Flexo bedroom storage units imbue this relaxing space with soft lines and the warmth of wood.

Composizione N1

The Origami wardrobe’s large sliding doors include a lacquered panel and a band in Dark mirror which creates evocative reflections.